Thank you for visiting the mannacomingdown Web Site. The Web Site is about people (individuals and families) worshipping God and the strengthening that we receive through conscious worship. The most neglected aspect of spiritual activity by families and individuals is that of active acknowledgment that God is worthy of worship and rendering such worship to Him. The sponsors of this Web Site hope to encourage more families and individuals to be active worshippers. The principal ingredient toward this end is a “program” consisting of two or three of the old hymns, a prayer and a short devotional for people to use in their worship experience. Each individual or family can use as much of this program as they desire. There will also be a different sermon each day for those who desire to include hearing preaching as part of their worship.

The Daily Worship Program will be removed from the Web Site at the end of each day and replaced with a new one. The sermons will be kept, at least for a while. The title of each sermon will include (1) The name of the minister delivering the sermon, (2) The scripture he used as the basis of the sermon, (3) The subject discussed in the sermon and (4) the date on which that sermon was the daily sermon (not necessarily in that order). The sermons delivered on the seven most recent days (besides today) will be kept in a small group where they can be more easily found. Sermons that we feel should be kept for further hearing will be kept as long as we feel they will be beneficial. They are identified as “Archived Sermons.” These various categories of sermons can be accessed from the calendar by looking up the date on which they were the daily sermon and clicking on that date. The titles of all sermons are as described above.

The Ministers involved with the Web Site are:

- Elder Aaron Beaty, Pastor

Goshen Primitive Baptist Church, Wilton, Missouri.


- Elder Jim Bowen, Pastor

Antioch Primitive Baptist Church, Twin City, Georgia.


- Elder Keith Hamilton, Pastor

Upper Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Brooklet, Georgia.


- Elder Chris Hill, Pastor

Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church, Thomaston, Georgia.


- Elder Greg Phillips, Pastor

Fairview Primitive Baptist Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee.


- Elder Lee Price,

Open for Supply.


- Elder David Summerford, Evangelist


- Elder McKinley Wright, Pastor

Union Primitive Baptist Church, Alamo, Georgia.